Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reunion Lunch

So last weekend my friend Andrea was in town, and we managed to get the whole gang together for lunch! It was so fun! We were supposed to go to the Cheesecake factory but the wait of course was much too long so we went to Nordstrom's cafe, which is amazing for those of you that haven't been there. (by the way I was the first one there! For once in my life I wasn't late :-) All of us have been friends since junior high, but many of us went our separate ways for college and many of us are now married. Pres and I manage to hang out with a few of them that live in town, but it was nice to get the whole gang together again! It is wonderful to have such great friends in my life that have been there for so many memories throughout the years! I love you guys! Also that Saturday because I didn't work we went up to Ruth's diner with Linds and James. It was so delicious! I have forgotten how good their biscuits are!