Friday, June 27, 2008


So on Monday Preston and I went for a bike ride. good times.... I felt like I had almost forgotten how to ride a bike and those bike seats, I forgot how truly uncomfortable they can be. I guess it's one of those few times that I am glad to be a girl :-) well Preston got our bikes out and he had put them in the driveway and both were lying on their sides. I asked him why? mine had a kickstand. You have a kickstand he exclaimed chuckling. Bewildered I looked at him. Aren't you supposed to have one? He then informed me that only kids are supposed to have them, and that when he went on his group bike ride a few weeks ago, they made fun of this kid that had one. I then began to get defensive as I claimed that my dad has one and he should know because he rides his bike to work every day. Well days later...the thought is still on my mind. I love my bike. I think it's super nice and it even has an air pump to pump up the tires when they get low. So I open up the floor to you ladies and gentleman to enter into the debate. Kickstand or no kickstand. You be the judge.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's Day

Last Sunday was a busy but wonderful Father's Day. It is a very special day for us. It was two years ago the day before Father's day that we got engaged and it was on Father's day up at Rustler's that we made the announcement to Miss's extended family. I can't believe how time flies. This year as per tradition, we went up to Rustler's with Miss's family to celebrate with her dad and then had dinner and a BBQ later that night to celebrate fathers day with Pres's dad. We are very grateful for all the things our dads do for us.

Pres's Dad and us

This is us with Miss's dad. You can see that there is still so much snow on the slopes. I should have brought up my snowboard. It was such a beautiful day!

Greg Melissa's cousin graduated from Alta High School, and we are really happy for him. He was the sterling scholar of debate. What a smart kid! He is such a gentleman and we love him so much! He is headed to Westminster college in a couple months.

This is us with Greg at his graduation celebration party!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Introducing Sunny Jo

So about a week ago I went into Petsmart expecting to only get Buddy some more food, and instead I decided that he needed a friend. However, I was wrong. Buddy does not like his new friend and would rather bite at him when I pet Sunny. What a jealous bird! We also had a little bit of a scare when Sunny's wings bled one night ( where they had clipped them) but he is doing great and is so playful! We hope that they will be friends soon, since they are now sitting next to each other on the perch. Buddy has also become more playful than usual. On Monday we went to Tanner Park with Jamon and Jen and our dogs. It was so much fun! Keisha actually jumped into the river and paddled across. The water was just perfect!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stats and the whole crazy thing!

This has been one crazy summer. Actually I really feel that I haven't had much of one, and I probably wont have a normal summer for a couple of more years. I could be done with school winter of 09 but because of class scheduling it puts me back to fall of 2010 if I'm lucky. That seems so far away right now. I am really glad that I am learning all the stuff I am learning, but it does feel a little bit like paid torture.
I have a big Stats midterm tonight that has been stressing me out a bit this week. There is a lot of work to do in this class so I try to spend as much time as I can handle studying. This class does have a bonus the semester started 4 weeks ago and I am half way done with the course. There are only four more classes left. The problem is this.... During the summer semester you get one of two types of professor: the first one is the guy that didn't really want to teach the summer semester and he realizes that since you work full time you probably didn't want to take the class either. so he shortens and gives a good high level overview of the important stuff. The second guy is super stressed and cant believe that the university was willing to cram a whole semester into 10 weeks. He feels that there is no way to get through all the material, and even though you work full time he asks you to try to put in 12 hours of study outside of class each week. Lucky for me I have two teachers, OK 1 1/2 that are guy number two. Which is probably a good thing, it's just hard on my brain.
Anyway I hope all goes well tonight for tonight's exam. I am really trying to get an A or close to it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Overworked Embarrasing Moment

Because of school, I work ALL day Friday and ALL day Saturday, which amounts to a lovely 21 hours in two days, and may be too much since I answered our house phone Saturday night "Thank you for calling Tranquility Med Spa and Salon this is Melissa, how can I help you?" and to top off this embarrasing moment Preston could not stop laughing!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tagged- about my hubby!

1. What is his name? Preston James Foster
2. Who eats more? Hmm... That's a toss up... depends on the food!
3. Who said I love you first? Preston. It was the day we got back from Disneyland March 18th 2006. We had just sat down on my parent's couch and he mumbled it and I didn't quite hear him, so I didn't know quite how to answer. Because what if that wasn't what he said? It was pretty funny.
4. Who is taller? Is that really a question? I would hope he would be taller than 5' 2.5" ( you must count the half inch!)
5. Who is smarter? Me? Booksmart ... and science and music wise. He is much more streetsmart and is so smart at his job. He tries to explain what he does to me and I can only follow him for just a minute before it's way over my head.
6. Who is more sensitive? Preston. He is always so thoughtful.
7.Who does the laundry? Usually me, but he will switch a load and fold his clothes.
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you are standing at the foot of the bed and looking at it me. Which if you ask him is the only fight I have ever lost. Oh how I miss my old side of the bed. But he is so persistant and gets very upset if I mention switching sides :-)
9. Who pays the bills? It's a toss up. He probably pays 3/4 of them? He doesn't like me doing all the money. He feels like its part of his contribution to the relationship? (plus he works at our credit union)
10. Who cooks more? I do. I know I have the wifely responsibility of cooking and creating a grocery list and doing the grocery shopping. But he will help me if he is home or if I am at school late! Thanks babe! Plus the one time I made him make dinner by himself, he was trying to boil noodles in a saute pan. Bless his heart!
11. What meals do you cook together? Any that he is home to help with!
12. Who is more stubborn? I am probably the most stubborn person you will meet! I am not a happy preson if I don't get my way!
13. Who is the first to admit they're wrong? Preston. I am never wrong! :-)
14. Who has more siblings? Considering I am an only child...
15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? I used to think I did and that bothered him, so I guess we share the pants? if that is possible...
16. What do you like to do together? We like to watch the office and watch movies. Thank goodness for redbox! It's one of my favorite things and we used to watch movies nearly every night dating. I also like going out and doing fun things like rollerblading at the park. So fun!
17. Who eats more sweets? It depends. I don't like candy but we could both eat a dozen chocolate dunford doughnuts or cold stone! Now I am craving them...
18. Guilty pleasures? He is addicted to his ipod and itunes. He has more music than anyone I have ever met!
19. How did you meet? Myspace. It's kinda of embarrasing. But I will say that we did have common friends. Such as the Sonnenbergs etc. I grew up with Becky and he grew up with Nicole.
20. Who asked who out first? He did. Him and his cousin were going to go for ice cream with me and my friend Linds, but they ended up just coming up to my moms for a movie, and Linds just about had a fit that I was inviting some random boys over that I met on myspace and she would not come and answer the door with me. There are apparently just a lot of creepos online!
21. Who kissed who first? Preston will tell you that it was mutual but he definately attacked me outside his aunt's house. I was totally caught off guard. Most of the guys I dated the relationships weren't going anywhere, and Lindsey told me that it was because I would kiss them on the first date, so I held out, which involved giving him a garbage bag. (long story) when he wouldn't leave my parents house (we were in the garage) cause I could tell he wanted to kiss me and he wouldn't take a hint. It was pretty funny. But he finally got the hint with the garbage bag.
22. Who proposed? he did. but we had already set the date before we got engaged. (friday the 13th of October since we met on a friday the 13th). When I asked him what we were doing that night he said remember we are going to look at all the flowers and was pretty upset i didn't remember. I remember thinking I never knew he liked flowers that much. ( so I kinda took a hint along with the fact that my mom said that Preston was over talking to my dad and asked if he was asking my dad if he could marry me.) He took me up to Red Butte, and it was so sweet. (but he didn't get on one knee because of all the duck poo by the pond.) He gave me back my garbage bag back. He had saved it. How cute is that?
23. His best features? His smile and laugh, and he has a really good sense of style.
24. What is his greatest quality? He has an amazing voice. I remember the first time he sang for Linds and I in the car on Valentines on the way home from a friend's party and the people in the other cars were laughing at him. It was funny. He also is very thoughtful!
25. Tag? Steph, and Nicole!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wedding and Old Friends

On Friday Preston and I were invited to Vanessa Clayton's wedding. It ended up being an all night event. After her ceremony we had a lovely sit down dinner and then dancing and cake! We were both Claytonites back in the day and although we never knew each other, we had many mutual friends. For instance Ashley Alserta and Debbie to name a few. Preston also grew up with Tysen and I grew up with Vanessa. The wedding was a great time to catch up with old friends and hang out with family!

Cheer buddies!
Sydney, Rachel and me!

For some reason Preston thought standing behind me like this would be cute?

This is us dancing to the Ken Foster Trio! Preston's dads band! Photo courtesy of Deanne :-)They are going to be super busy with all of the family and friends weddings this summer. If you look really closely you can see my ugly neck tan line compliments of the Homestead! Oh and when I get a chance I will change our ugly background. I just can't get Preston to accept the cute scrapbook page look yet!