Saturday, August 30, 2008

Park City

Last weekend we headed up to Park City to ride the Alpine slide which is something I have been wanting to do for like the last five years! The plan somehow seems to just get foiled each year! For example last year it started to pour! Since when does it rain in Utah?
Anyhow Steph and Preston and I headed up to the outlets for a little shopping (My new job requires me to wear skirts/dresses and so I was in much need of some new clothes) and then met up with Lindsey and James and April and Nate. We rode the Alpine Slide and the Alpine Coaster (which is soo fun!!)
This is Preston's attempt of an action shot on the Alpine Coaster!

Cute April and Nate back from their honeymoon!

Linds and me! I miss seeing her more often! We have the best times together!

Then we went to head down to dinner and unfortunately we should have made reservations at the Baja Cantina because it was a two hour wait! So after much debate we found ourselves at the Pie! It was super crowded when we got there, but eventually died down so that we could get all sit together! It was such a fun night!Me, Steph and her cute little girl Sophia! She is the cutest baby!
April attempting to show me how to take pictures of myself without cutting off my head. Obviously it didn't work :-)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another weekly update.

One of these days Miss will have to contribute again to the blog, I'm sure most of you would rather read her writings than mine, anyway here is a week update for you.

Last weekend we hung out by ourselves. It was really fun, Friday we went to Pei Wei for dinner and then saw Iron Man. It was a pretty good show. I am always up for a good comic book movie. Saturday we went on a fun picnic to liberty park to eat with the ducks and geese and to skate around the park for a bit. one of these days we will have to ride the ferris wheel. After we wnet to see The Incredible Hulk. Two comic book movies in a row. I had to promise to watch a few chick flicks to make up for the two man movies. I think Miss liked both of them though.

Right by the pond at Liberty Park. Does anybody know if they still do the paddle boats there anymore?

All the birds decided to join us for dinner

My cousin Heather got married on Tuesday in the Bountiful temple. In true form we barely made it to the ceremony by the skin of our teeth. We are really happy for them. They make a great couple.

At the reception. It was a pretty yard they had it in.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

April & Nate's Wedding

Well I can't believe it. My little sister is all grown up. This past month I have thought a lot about growing up with her. I have some really great memories. I was glad when Miss and I were married because it expanded our little family of four to five. Last August, April started dating Nate. Three weeks after they met we were having our family pictures taken up at the cabin. Miss kept trying to convince Nate to join us (you know just in case they got married and we needed a new family picture.) But no he was not in any of the family pictures, and now Miss loves to rub it in that she was right :-)

This is Miss and I at the temple that morning. It was such a crazy day. It was pouring before she came out, and then turned to a drizzle as she came out, and then was sunny for most of their pictures! It was beautiful!

Here is another picture of us! Who needs the bride and groom :-) I have got to say that I am glad that Miss let me choose my tux and that we didn't have weird colors for our wedding. The winners that day for best dressed was a kid with a top hat and cane and a bright blue sash on his tux. He was kinda lurpy looking and the hat was just much too big for his poor head. ( it nearly covered his eyes!) It ended up being such a busy day at the temple. (which is why we rode trax) and were early for a change! It was 08-08-08; which was the actual day when April and Nate met, but since of course many other couples thought it would be cool to get married on 08-08-08 waiting to get pictures on the steps was kinda like waiting in line at an amusement park.

This is Miss's bridesmaids dress. Her colors were very classic. Burgundy, and black with red roses. Her bouquet was beautiful. They even left in a classic old mustang.

April and Nate were in love from the day they met, which was on myspace too... :-) Miss and April went to lunch just after they had started dating and April had told Miss that she wanted to marry Nate. We are glad Nate is a part of our family, He is a really great guy. I couldn't wish for anybody different for her.

I love dancing with Miss. I think that night I ended up singing six or seven songs. Got to love the Ken Foster Trio.

After everything was finished we decided to take the party to the Belgium Waffle at midnight. Seriously who hangs out with their parents on a Friday night at the Begium Waffle? :-) We had the funniest waitress, I think she had a different nickname for each of us. If I can remember, the names were sugar, tiger, honey, sweetheart, and darling. (there could have been more but I cant remember.) She took this picture by nearly sitting on the guys lap in the booth next to us. You should have seen the guys face! It was really funny.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The temple, a birthday and something to sit on

Last Friday April went through the temple in preparation for her temple marriage to Nate. It was a really good experience. It is cool to have the whole family now endowed in the temple. While we were in the temple we had a family hug, it was something my mom had wanted to to ever since April and I were young. What a cool feeling. Good job April getting to the temple.

The family outside of the Bountiful temple.

Wednesday was my mom's birthday. I think she thought that it would just get passed by because of the wedding. We celebrated by taking mom and dad out to dinner at Tres Hombres. April and Nate gave her a new casual top and Miss and I gave her a candle vase with rocks in the bottom. We had a great time. Just a couple of days until Auper's (Nickname for April) wedding.

Dinner at Tres Hombres

Mom posing with her gifts
Thursday we picked up our new couch. We were grateful to our friends for Bryce and Nicole for giving us their old couch while we saved for a new one and Mike and Madison for letting us borrow a couch cover. The new couch is awesome I am sitting on it right now as I type this watching the Olympics. The only down side to having a new couch is not being able to eat in front of the TV anymore. Lame! Well I guess that's it for an update right now. Stay tuned for pics and commentary of Auper's wedding.
The new couch, pretty comfy. I have already taken a nap on it... Its a keeper!