Sunday, September 28, 2008

Todd's Birthday

We celebrated Todd's birthday I guess it was a couple of weeks ago now. We went up into the mountains and had a good meal. Miss wasn't feeling so hot, but here are some pictures from the event.

Just enjoying myself, waiting to get grubbing on some good eats.

It was an awesome brownie cake.

There was a really big full moon unfortunatly the camra ruins it a bit.

Happy birthday Todd we love you!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss!!

Its Melissa's birthday today. She is turning 24 on the 24th. Today we went to Ruth's Diner for breakfast and then tonight we are going to Ruth's Chris for dinner. I have to leave my class early to go... I know what you're thinking what a hardship.
Well I wont take up too much space on the blog I am sure we will be posting some pictures soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The State Fair!!

I haven't been to the state fair in years, actually the last time I went was back in 2003 when I tried riding one of the bigger rides. If you are ever interested, ask me sometime about my experience... Lets just say I wont be riding any carnival rides for awhile.

I forgot how "diverse" the crowd can be at the fair. Miss and I saw all types of weirdos, but I am glad we can all get together and admire the animals and deep fried everything.

While we were there we watched some truck pulls for about 15 minutes and then the beer and cig smoke finally got to us. Interesting story while were watching the pulls the guy standing behind us was a real winner! He was wearing a pair of crappy cowboy boots wranglers that have well seen their prime and a wife beater. He even had a cowboy hat and he had his cigarettes tucked under one of the straps of the beater. Here is the best picture we could get of him without being noticed.

We had to pretend we were taking a picture of me, but if you look close you can see his cigarettes under his strap.

There really isn't a whole lot to do at the fair so we decided to take a look at all of the animals. I had to endure the constant " Can we get one :) " from Miss when we were looking at the rabbits. I am convinced that one day we will have an entire farm at our house. Miss loves animals, side story once we were driving up to Miss's parents and a rabbit ran in front of our car and I hit it. It was a total accident, but you would have thought I ended the world. Luckily Miss found it in her heart to forgive me. Note to self don't hit bunny rabbits.

Here is one of the rabbits Miss wishes we could have bought. Hopefully one of these days we will actually buy a home and we can have wild animals of our own, or we can buy a rabbit or a dog. When I say wild animals I really mean kids.

All of the animals were pretty tired by the time we got to the fair. Miss liked how they were all piled on each other.

I will say the fair does a really good job of making you feel like your health and food cleanliness is their priority. If you cant sense my sarcasm then let me explain. All of the food vendors and carnies usually smell bad and look pretty disgusting. The vendor shacks look like they haven't been cleaned in years.

Here is the Fair's attempt to make us feel like this is a clean place.

We tried to get a picture with the rides. It didn't work too well.

We finished off our night with a four dollar ride down the big yellow slide. Its a state fair favorite.

To everyone that said they were going to go with us and didn't, you missed out. We had a fun night wondering around and people watching. The fair sure isn't the coolest place, but the atmosphere is enjoyable and I am glad I have someone to share the fun with. Thanks Miss for going with me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cecret Lake and Snowbird

For my new job, we had a retreat up at snowbird. It was fun to meet some of the new teachers, and I am now certified in CPR. The retreat was also a great chance to hear some "food for thought" and words of advice. We were blessed to hear John Bytheway speak to us everyday! (partly due to the fact that his kids go to our school ;-) The only downside of the retreat was that I still had to drive down to the U every day and it was the first time Preston and I have ever slept apart :-( One cute story about the retreat was that as I was checking in for my room, the lady looked over at Emilee and was like I think I have a package for you. As Em started to unwrap it, the package started ringing!!! And she pulled out a brand new iphone from her hubby. He had even programmed his picture to pop up when he called. Lucky girl! No wonder why she didn't return my text earlier, he had had her other phone shut off! That girl goes through phones like crazy! Her other one was a couple months old and the buttons were already falling off :-) The one funny thing about the Cliff Lodge is the shower, there is a window that looks into the bedroom while you shower! Apparently this is so you can look at the mountains while you shower. My thought is Sure.... You be the judge!
This is a view looking into the shower from the bedroom!
This is the view from the shower looking into the bedroom "and at the mountains"
Preston and I headed up to Cecret Lake by Alta for Labor Day. He had never been there! How crazy is that! It was such a beautiful day! Can you believe that it snowed up there two days later? Funny story about that is that a guy who had come into the pharmacy and had gotten pretty upset the day before was the one who was driving the shuttle up to the trailhead. Thank goodness for dark sunglasses :-)
Preston was complaining the other day that the only pictures we have in our house are either of us or me, so maybe I will print this one off and frame it :-)Not to mention the fact that we suck at taking our own picture! Usually one of our heads is cut off!They had these cute salamanders that all of the kids enjoyed catching, not to mention Preston!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mom's Birthday!

All of the Johnson birthdays fall within one month of each other! My mom was the first to start us off! Her birthday was August 20th! We were supposed to go to dinner at Lugano, but at the last minute she had a craving for fried chicken! (a personal favorite of hers). So the Sunday after her birthday, we decided to head up to Rustler Lodge for brunch, which is always super delicious! We got my mom a new hand mixer for her birthday! Happy Birthday mom! Thanks for all you do!

It turned out to be such a beautiful day! Isn't this picture gorgeous? I took it from our table.

Unfortunately despite the fact that Preston claims that I am not fat the look on his face seems to say otherwise :-)

After brunch we walked around the lodge and saw this moose and her calf grazing!

I always love to take pictures up at Rustler, but Preston was just not feeling in the picture mood I guess. He looks so annoyed in this picture :-(