Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby Bump and Shower

 Preston's work threw us our first baby shower. Our little guy got some great stuff!
 I wish I had taken more pictures, but here is one of some of the decorations.

 Finally some belly pictures. 31 weeks
 33 weeks
 My biggest pregnancy complaint is my feet swelling. I have one pair of shoes that fit, and they are getting tight. What am I going to do? Even flip flops don't fit. Any ideas??? This picture does not do justice. I don't even recognize my feet anymore.
My friend Vanessa and I showing off our bellies. We are due on the same day!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

On October 13th we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. I can't believe how time flies! We celebrated by going up to the Foster cabin. This picture was taken at the Smith and Morehouse Reservoir. 

 Preston's cousin Jamon and his family came up for a few days. Preston and Jamon were trying to catch the horses, so that Lydia could pet one. However, it was super soggy and so Jamon is carrying Preston so that his shoes didn't get soaked. :-)

Jamon, Jen and Lydia

Our friends Russ and Elizabeth also came up with us. They are expecting a little girl on January 7th. 

Pres and me by the Weber River

I love the yellow Aspens surrounding the Foster cabin.

My parents are building a cabin just up the road from the Foster cabin. This is the clearing where their cabin will be.

My dad poking his head out of the tractor. They were able to dig out the driveway and clear the spot for the cabin, but unfortunately the foundation will have to wait until next year because of the winter weather.

My parents at the top of their driveway.

Our friends Mike and Madison were also able to come up for one of the days. 

My parents at Smith and Morehouse. 

The four of us at Smith and Morehouse.

Friday, November 5, 2010


So this year we carved pumpkins with friends, but because there is so much construction going on around us we didn't plan on any trick-or-treaters. So on Saturday we ran errands instead of sitting around in hopes of a few trick-or-treaters. It was a pretty non eventful halloween, but our pumpkin was done free hand. I think it was an amazing job. If you feel inclined to comment on our handiwork feel free to do so.

How talented are we?

It's just too bad we didn't light him on Halloween.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Labor Day?

I guess its been over a month or so, (why Miss is having me blog about it now... ;-).. I don't quite know) but we spent Labor Day with my family and headed up to Park City and then on to Mirror Lake for the day. It was a quick trip and we had some fun times. Here are a couple of pictures to share with you. We ended the day by finally taking the time to eat at the Road Island Diner. Its a pretty good meal, and my favorite was Casey believing that the waitresses real names were "Blanch" and "Doris".

Tessa and Wendy trying to get close to the water

The Foster Fam minus Nate (he had to work)

Here we leave you with a random photo of Canyon and Keisha

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brunch and Birthdays

My good friends Linds and Jess and me went up the canyon to Ruth's diner for breakfast a few weeks ago. I love that place! I can't get enough of their amazing biscuits. I love this picture of us, I am never the tallest!

August, September, and October are quite the birthday months for our family. It started with Preston's mom, my mom, Canyon, my dad, me, and Preston's sister's husband Nate. Happy Birthday to us! 
 Preston's mom showing off her new bicycle helmet!

We celebrated Canyon's birthday on September 2nd. I can't believe that we have had him for an entire year! He is such a wonderful dog and is such a joy to have in our lives. This is a picture of him begging for food. He is sitting on the love sac, with his head resting on the coffee table.

 My mom showing off the lemon/raspberry cake I made her. We went to Benihana for my dad's birthday, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures.

 Preston's family took me out to PF Changs for my 26th birthday. How am I getting so old? 

Hillside Floral delivered this gorgeous basket from my parents. They know that I don't like how flowers die after a week, so there are three house plants in there!

A side view of my favorite, Sunflowers...

My parents treated us to dinner at Ruth Chris for my birthday. Their steak is amazing!!! They even had birthday confetti that they put on the table, and sparkling pear cider that they brought out. The dessert in the picture was a banana cream pie, with carmelized bananas. It was delicious. We also got the chocolate duo. Yum!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Go UTES!!!!!!!!!

Miss's parents picked up two more season tickets for this years Utah Football season. Each game has been really fun to watch. I have really enjoyed each game that we have been to. As of this post the Utes are 4-0, which is AWESOME! They are also ranked 10 in the nation. I love being an alumnus of the University of Utah! Well here are some pictures of the games so far.

The Smith family (at least Lydia knows whats up)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's a...............BOY!!

We are super excited to announce that our little baby is a healthy BOY! I don't have pictures yet, but I will post a couple as soon as I can. It was such a cool experience to see him floating around in Miss's tummy... it's kinda weird when you think about it. We got to see him move his hands, kick and suck his thumb (bad habbits really do start early). He did look a little like an alien, but that's okay. We can't wait to meet him. He is going to be one spoiled little kid. Now we can start getting stuff. We have decided on a western theme for his room with trains horses and cowboys and other westerny things. maybe we will turn his crib into a corral....who knows!

Saturday, August 28, 2010



After trying for two years and two Foster will finally arrive on January 27th 2011. We are so thrilled and couldn't be happier! I can't wait until the little guy/gal gets here. For those of you that know me very well, you know that I am the world's worst liar! After lying to several of our family and friends, we finally started to tell the family about 14 weeks. I was slightly disappointed that no one was that surprised, but I guess that's what happens when you aren't a very good liar. The only people that knew when we first found out were our parents since we wanted a blessing and advice, and my friend Jeni that I taught with.
After our 14 week appointment we went to lunch with Preston's sister and her husband at Pei Wei. We each opened up our fortune cookie, and instead of reading what his fortune really said, Preston said "There is a Baby in Your Future." April asked if that's what it really said, and so he handed the fortune to her. When she read the real fortune she looked at both of us and then demanded to know if we were joking. Then she burst into tears, which surprised all of us and then had us all crying. She can't wait to be an aunt!
Next we told my extended family. Many of them were suspicious since my mom was trying to get all of the grandkids there for dinner. She told us that she had a special way to break the news, and that it would be a surprise for us as well! It turned out to be a delicious Cookies by Design bouquet. (If any of you know me, I hate flowers because they die. I would rather have something edible. These are my favorite! My mom knew how disappointed I was that I didn't get any for my recital since Cookies by Design was remodeling, and so she surprised us with these. I love how they turned out!)

My mom bought these cute cookies for the rest of the family, and my dad made amazing homemade strawberry ice cream for dessert.

After dinner we took some of the cookies down to surprise Preston's Grandpa Foster. He was so excited. I love his grandpa! I love that I am able to have grandpas again, since both of mine have passed away.

We went to dinner with one of my very best friends Lins! Guess what she was craving?? Pei Wei. It worked out nicely since we loved breaking the news with a fortune cookie. 

My mom is so knowledgeable since she used to teach prenatal classes, and is a maternity nurse. I think I drive her crazy with my questions. It will be nice to have my own personal lactation consultant once I have the baby.

My dad can't wait to be a grandpa! He keeps calling the baby his grandson, until yesterday he called it his granddaughter. We find out on his birthday what we are having. It is in less then two weeks! I can't wait! ANY GUESSES??

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

24th of July

This year's festivities started bright and early, with a breakfast at Preston's Aunt Wendy's house. It was a fun gathering with family and neighbors. The food was delicious with a huge buffet and my favorite, belgian waffles. 

After the breakfast we headed to Tanner Park with Preston's cousin Jamon, his wife Jen, their little girl Lydia, and their two dogs. It was our dog Canyon's first trip to Tanner Park. The dogs had so much fun playing and Canyon did great off leash, only straying once to follow another group. Preston beamed like a proud dad when Canyon jumped in the river and swam! He was a natural. But of course, we didn't bring our camera along to capture it. Unfortunately, Canyon tore part of the pad on his right front foot, so he has been limping a little this week, and hasn't been able to go on any play dates or walks. It should be healed in about a week, so until then he has to take it easy. 

After Tanner Park we headed off to Preston's Grandpa Foster's for a bbq for his Uncle Ken's birthday and in celebration of the 24th. Two of Preston's cousins had babies within the last month, and it was so fun to hold the precious little boys. They are adorable! I can't wait to be a mommy someday! Of course we didn't take any pictures... I love pictures, I just always forget to take them.  

After the bbq we went to my moms for a quick nap before the fireworks, and then were off to the Butlerville Days with Preston's family and our friends. I LOVE fireworks. The 4th and 24th of July are my favorite holidays. There is just something magical about fireworks.


                  Preston's dad and me at the Butlerville Days

Our friends Russ ad Elizabeth. They are going to have a little baby in January. :-)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Drive-up Redbox

We were waiting in line for the Redbox behind this redneck guy who thought that it worked like a drive-up window. Notice that his car is totally on an angle because he had to drive up over the curb to reach the screen. He was also decked out in his hunting gear and orange hat. Can you say redneck? Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy. It was hard trying to snap a picture without him noticing. Some people just make you laugh.....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July (aka 3rd of July)

On Saturday the 3rd we headed up to Preston's grandpa's cabin for a bbq and then as per tradition to the Oakley Rodeo. One of the royalty queens fell off of her horse. It was pretty funny, and sad. Unfortunately we missed seeing a great firework show this year, since most of the fireworks were on Saturday. However, it was still fun spending the evening with family.  

On the way home we had to stop at a gas station in Jeremy Ranch to  use the restroom, and a few of these were on the sidewalk (what are they?)......... How random.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Preston's graduation!!!

It's finally here! Preston's graduating from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Art in Business Management! He officially finishes in August, but got to walk with his class in May. I am so proud of him! It has been a long road for our family with him working full time and going to school full time, and I am so grateful for his hard work and dedication!

The speaker for the University was Ambassador Huntsman. He gave such a wonderful talk.

Right after the morning commencement for the whole University.

Preston and his parents

The happy graduate. My dad bought him this real lei. It was flown in from Hawaii the night before. It smelled so yummy!

Preston and my family.

The Foster's. After taking pictures we headed off to Gateway to go shopping and then to California Pizza Kitchen, one of Preston's favorite restaurants for lunch, where we met up with his sister and her husband.

April and Nate were able to come to the College of Business graduation. They didn't have any speakers since there were so many graduating and each college is only allowed an hour and a half for their commencement. They ended up reading over 700 names that took up the entire hour and a half!

Preston with his diploma... I remember being so disappointed at my graduation, when there wasn't an actual diploma inside!

Preston's Uncle Matt came for the College of Business Commencement

Since the College of Business Commencement went until late that night, we had Preston's graduation party the next day. We were so grateful that so many of our close friends and family came. It made for such a special evening.