Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dog Lake

For another hike we went to Dog Lake. It was a rainy Saturday. (back when it seemed to rain everyday). All of the mountain bikers coming down the trail were just covered in mud. However, it was nice that it wasn't so hot, and the views were absolutely stunning. We are just loving playing outdoors this summer! Let us know if you know of any other really great hikes!

Our friends Katie and Reed, and their cute little girl Addy! Addy just loved being outside, even with all of the rain. Reed is an incredible athlete. He had already biked all the way to the top of Big Cottonwood that morning, and wasn't even the least bit tired on the hike.
Our friends Mike and Madison. The four of us have made a goal of going hiking every other weekend. We are just loving it!
Isn't this picture with the mist on the lake beautiful?


Mike said...

Dog Lake is one of my favorite mountain bike trails of all time. You guys probably enjoyed the scenery a lot more than I ever have (usually in too much pain on the way up or going too fast on the way down)!

Lisa said...

Good for you guys for getting out so often. I miss hiking. It looks like it was fun!

Stephanie said...

hey! in response to your question, i got that heart necklace from urban outfitters but it was like, 3 years ago. so i don't know if they have it anymore! it's sweet, though, it has a clock inside of it.