Wednesday, July 28, 2010

24th of July

This year's festivities started bright and early, with a breakfast at Preston's Aunt Wendy's house. It was a fun gathering with family and neighbors. The food was delicious with a huge buffet and my favorite, belgian waffles. 

After the breakfast we headed to Tanner Park with Preston's cousin Jamon, his wife Jen, their little girl Lydia, and their two dogs. It was our dog Canyon's first trip to Tanner Park. The dogs had so much fun playing and Canyon did great off leash, only straying once to follow another group. Preston beamed like a proud dad when Canyon jumped in the river and swam! He was a natural. But of course, we didn't bring our camera along to capture it. Unfortunately, Canyon tore part of the pad on his right front foot, so he has been limping a little this week, and hasn't been able to go on any play dates or walks. It should be healed in about a week, so until then he has to take it easy. 

After Tanner Park we headed off to Preston's Grandpa Foster's for a bbq for his Uncle Ken's birthday and in celebration of the 24th. Two of Preston's cousins had babies within the last month, and it was so fun to hold the precious little boys. They are adorable! I can't wait to be a mommy someday! Of course we didn't take any pictures... I love pictures, I just always forget to take them.  

After the bbq we went to my moms for a quick nap before the fireworks, and then were off to the Butlerville Days with Preston's family and our friends. I LOVE fireworks. The 4th and 24th of July are my favorite holidays. There is just something magical about fireworks.


                  Preston's dad and me at the Butlerville Days

Our friends Russ ad Elizabeth. They are going to have a little baby in January. :-)


Steph, Joe, and Sophia said...

I've been thinking about you lately. Glad you had a happy 24th!

PS... Didn't get Sophia a new ice cream cone, but she didn't care :)