Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Addition to the Family

So last Thursday I woke up wanting a bird. It wasn't one of those wishes it was one of those cravings that just isn't satisfied until you get what it is you want. He is a darling parakeet named Buddy. He is very sweet, but doesn't seem to move around or eat much. For example I put him on a perch last night around ten and after I came home from work today at 3:00, believe it or not he had not moved. Crazy huh? I am just a little worried that he isn't eating much.

This is Buddy's new favorite perch on the kitchen chairs.

Funny story... Last weekend Pres and I were skiing and Preston bless his heart, FELL off the lift. literally. After waiting to sit down I watched Preston do a face plant into the snow as the lift kept going with just me on it. Preston's board had gotten caught and pulled him off the lift.

I was so excited to be up at the slopes that I forgot to put on my snow pants before I put on my boots.

One night as we pulled up to our house we noticed this odd image. If you look very carefully you will notice that this is the indentation of our license plate. crazy huh?


Nicole Jones said...

FUN! Buddy is very cute! When we got Ruby she was scared silly the first night. She would just sit there and shake, wouldn't go to the bathroom or eat or drink or anything. The next morning we took her outside and it was like she broke out of her shell! She had been a completely outside dog as a teeny puppy (we got her at 9 wks) so being inside that first night was terrifying. So don't worry... I'm sure Buddy will get used to his new home and be fine very soon!