Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tessa and Casey's Wedding and Real Game

So this summer is the summer of weddings in the family. Three to be more specific. Two of Preston's cousin's and his sister. Tessa (Preston's cousin) and Casey got married on Thursday.

This is us at the temple after their ceremony. I love the reflecting pond. Tessa almost tied my record of how long it took her to get ready and come out for pictures after the ceremony. I think I still hold the record for the longest. It took me nearly an hour and a half :-)

It has been good to get to know Casey over the past few months. He is such a great guy and we are so excited to have him in the family. Both him and Tessa love hiking and mountain biking as well as many outdoor activities. (I wish we were in that good of shape!) They had a camping shower for one of their showers to get all their camping gear, which reminds me that all we have is sleeping bags. We need to add that to our wish list that we are saving for. Unfortunately there are a few that are more of a priority. At the top is a couch (the stuffing is now coming out....)This is us at the Real Game. Preston's dad gave grandpa tickets for father's day and invited the whole family. It was such a blast. Since we are up in the box seats, we always get Famous Dave's for dinner that they cater. Thanks Brian!This is a picture of the whole family that went. We also invited Tessa and Casey to go with us. (since Tessa is his cousin on the other side) We had a ton of fun.


Lisa said...

I can't believe little Tessa is married! This sure is the summer for weddings! We are excited that we can be there for them.

Nichole said...

Christian and I had a camping shower and I think it was the best idea! It looks like you guys had a good time at the game...Famous Daves is our favorite!!