Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cecret Lake and Snowbird

For my new job, we had a retreat up at snowbird. It was fun to meet some of the new teachers, and I am now certified in CPR. The retreat was also a great chance to hear some "food for thought" and words of advice. We were blessed to hear John Bytheway speak to us everyday! (partly due to the fact that his kids go to our school ;-) The only downside of the retreat was that I still had to drive down to the U every day and it was the first time Preston and I have ever slept apart :-( One cute story about the retreat was that as I was checking in for my room, the lady looked over at Emilee and was like I think I have a package for you. As Em started to unwrap it, the package started ringing!!! And she pulled out a brand new iphone from her hubby. He had even programmed his picture to pop up when he called. Lucky girl! No wonder why she didn't return my text earlier, he had had her other phone shut off! That girl goes through phones like crazy! Her other one was a couple months old and the buttons were already falling off :-) The one funny thing about the Cliff Lodge is the shower, there is a window that looks into the bedroom while you shower! Apparently this is so you can look at the mountains while you shower. My thought is Sure.... You be the judge!
This is a view looking into the shower from the bedroom!
This is the view from the shower looking into the bedroom "and at the mountains"
Preston and I headed up to Cecret Lake by Alta for Labor Day. He had never been there! How crazy is that! It was such a beautiful day! Can you believe that it snowed up there two days later? Funny story about that is that a guy who had come into the pharmacy and had gotten pretty upset the day before was the one who was driving the shuttle up to the trailhead. Thank goodness for dark sunglasses :-)
Preston was complaining the other day that the only pictures we have in our house are either of us or me, so maybe I will print this one off and frame it :-)Not to mention the fact that we suck at taking our own picture! Usually one of our heads is cut off!They had these cute salamanders that all of the kids enjoyed catching, not to mention Preston!


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