Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas

We started off our Christmas Eve at Preston's parents for the annual White family Santa breakfast. As a sort of tradition, my father in-law wears a yellow sweater that he bought in England ages ago, and has now become a joke in the family because he wears it every year and it's not even a Christmas color. Well after many emails and forwards that later ended with my father in-law defending yellow as a color of Chrismas, the rest of us decided to wear yellow ribbons on Christmas Eve in his honor.This is us wearing yellow ribbons in my father in-law's honor

This a picture of the famous yellow sweater

Later on Christmas Eve we went to my parents to open gifts. We got matching 13" macbooks and a desktop monitor. They are beautiful! On Chrismas morning we went over to Preston's parents where we got a Tomtom gps and a lovely desk chair. For the afternoon we headed to Preston's grandpa's for the annual gift exchange, and then to my grandmas. We had such a great Christmas this year, and are so blessed to have such wonderful families. We love all of you!

Us opening our stocking!

This is our desk chair