Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

So I turned 27... that's weird, I never thought i would live to see 27. I don't really know why, I guess I always just thought that the second coming would have happened by now, anyway weird.
It was indeed a happy birthday. I got what I wanted, a Wii! I really didn't think I would get one either, but Miss and my parents came through. I know it seems dorky, but I am a Nintendo geek. It was kind of embarrassing how much I wanted one (I'm sure glad Miss still loves me). I have some friends at work who were trying to steer me towards an Xbox, but I am super happy with the Wii.

So we have a tradition that I love and that is to spend the weekend around my birthday up at the cabin. This year we continued the tradition and had a really fun time. I feel bad that we hardly took any pictures of the event.

I love winter cabin! I love the smell of snowmobiles and a fire burning in the fireplace. Miss and I have this discussion of which cabin is better, Winter or Summer. I guess in the end I just love having a place to go and relax.

We invited a whole bunch of people up, but I guess only the people that really care about me came... Just kidding! We missed those who couldn't make it. There is always next time.

This is Lindsey and Miss. in front of the fireplace.

This is Lindsey and James. James gave me another awesome gift, almost all of the original Nintendo library of games. I think I played Super Mario Brothers too much. (editors notes: Sorry for the Nintendo geekness of this blog. I just realized how much of a nerd I really am.)

The fire Miss built. The last time we went to the cabin It became the joke that I could build a better fire than Nate. Well this trip getting the fire going didn't go so well for me. This is Miss's fire that she built. So I guess she can build a better fire than me. I will have to redeem myself next time.
I sure hope this year works out well. We have big plans... not telling what those are yet.


Rory and Courtney Duckworth said...

Happy B-Day!!! I love the Ute apparel. Go Ute’s!!! Rory

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Preston! Kev will be jealous that you got a Wii. I think that most people are Nintendo geeks. It sounds like you had a fun party at the cabin.

Steph said...


Sophia is still occasionally breaking out into "Happa birt day to PRESTON!"

We had a fun time. Thanks for having us.

Nicole Goeckeritz said...

I am so glad your birthday dreams came true. You guys are the sweetest couple. Maybe for my 28th birthday we can go to your cabin and light fireworks or something crazy....Maybe we could light them in a pasture....Maybe there will be wildabeasts that get frightened....This could cause an earthshake.... Maybe we should forgo the cabin altogether....yes, yes not this year...Maybe next!