Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

As a tradition on Mother's Day, I cook a big dinner for our moms. This year was my mom's turn. I really love cooking dinner. It's one of my favorite things. (Except during the week we usually don't eat until late because of work.) I especially love making Mother's Day dinner when I get out all of my serving dishes and tablecloth. Preston even knows how to fold our nice cloth napkins in some oragami like shape. I feeling like I am playing house when I was little, or at least with one of those easy bake oven kitchen sets. 
For dinner we had a delicious pot roast with veggies and rolls. As an appetizer I made an amazing strawberry poppyseed salad with marinated mushrooms, avocados, red onion and strawberries. For dessert my mom loves lemon, and so I made this delicious lemon chiffon cake, whose topping is whipped cream and lemon pudding. Doesn't it look yummy? We also got a chance to take Mother's Day cards to our grandmas. It was a fun filled Mother's Day! I love you mom!


Kayla said...

You are quite the homemaker! That is such a darling cake!