Friday, March 5, 2010

The Cruise!!!

So last Summer, on an impulse we decided to book a cruise with April and Nate in January. I have never been on a cruise before so I was excited to try a new experience. So here is a recap of the awesome adventure we had. We have a lot of pictures, but I will try and limit it a bit for the blogs sake. If you want an in depth behind the scenes look you will have to travel all the way to South Jordan to visit us.

Since Nate served his mission in Houston we decided to port from Galveston, Texas. It's about an hour away from Houston. Nate took us around some of his old stomping grounds. This is a picture of us in front of this giant water wall thing. It was pretty cool. Nate was able to have a cool family drive us down to Galveston that night. We stayed at the five star motel Howard Johnson... well at least it was a place to stay until we boarded the boat.

We booked with Carnival, Here is our fabulous boat complete with jumbo TV and water slide. It was very nice inside too. It was so much fun to watch the boat pull away from the port.

We had a couple of days at sea before we arrived at our first destination, Jamaica! Nate talked us into waking up early to watch the sun rise. It was cool, but it was a little cloudy. It actually rained during a couple of the days at sea. Lucky for us there was so much to do inside the boat.

Cruising is fun, but the excursions are where all the fun really happens. At our first stop Miss and I did zip lining through the Jungles of Jamaica. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. It was so cool to fly from one tree to another. I wish I had more pictures of the experience.

After zip lining we went into town and went shopping in some pretty sketch places. Some guy took us down a back ally and talked us into buying some wood carved turtle that he said he carved himself. Which was really interesting because every other gift shop had the same carved turtle... oh well. Anyway on our way back to the boat we took this gem of a picture. Im not sure if that is a smile or an angry voodoo stare, you decide.

Here is a picture from the side of the boat on formal night. It was really fun. Some people really take formal night very seriously. I wore a nice suit and I still felt somewhat underdressed.

Here is the guy that cleaned our room for the trip. He was really cool, in fact all of the people that served us where awesome. I think this was taken after we found a baggy of green surprise in our room. We did later find out that it wasn't his... it wasn't ours either, because Miss found it before we got to Jamaica.

Next stop was Grand Cayman. We got to swim with the dolphins, swim and shop. Dolphins are the coolest. I could swim with them every day. We were going to swim with the stingrays too, but the water was too choppy.

Next up was Cozumel to go snorkeling. The water was so blue and clear we got to see the coolest fish. Also we learned that Miss looks super hot with snorkeling gear on.

Me on the other hand...

Just look at that water behind us. It was just so beautiful. We had a great time at each place we visited. It was sad to say goodbye. But the trip wasn't done yet we still had a day at sea and the final evening show for the cruise starring yours truly.

Earlier in the week I was talked into auditioning for some Karaoke contest. I didn't realize you had to perform it in front of everybody... and dress up as said artist. If you cant tell by the picture I performed as Sir Elton John. It was actually pretty fun, minus the feather boa around my neck. We have video of it, but I'm not posting it on the World Wide Web...

The whole week went by too fast. Miss and I really had such a great time. It was fun to spend that time with April and Nate too. It was so great to see so much of them...thats's what she said (inside joke).


Our Family said...

That looks SO Fun!!... A cruise is sounding awesome right now!

Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

looks like you had a blast! So jealous! I need a vacation!

JP said...

Make sure you post pictures of your SF pictures. I love that city!