Thursday, May 13, 2010

San Francisco Day 1

I have been dying to go to San Francisco since Preston and I got married. I haven't been there since I was little. I didn't think that we would be going on vacation for awhile since we barely got back from our cruise in February. However we found out that Preston needed to renew his certification through his work, and we found out that the conference that he needed to attend was held in San Francisco. Needless to say I was so excited. Looking forward to another vacation was the only thing that got me through my recital and practicing thirty hours a week. Not only did we have an excuse for another vacation, but Preston's work covered his airfare and part of the cost of the hotel. Thankfully for us his conference was only three and a half days, so we had plenty of time for sightseeing, and I had fun exploring the days that he was in the conference. It was nice to spend time by the ocean and in the bay. There is something about water that I just love!

We left Saturday afternoon. It is always a tradition to get a picture at the airport. We decided that we were never going to let a vacation be like our honeymoon, where we have two pictures (of a bird, and an amusement park ride) from the entire vacation. The only thing that Preston and I hated, was not having his sister and her husband with us. Nate is a videographer, and I wish that we could have a video of the trip. Also April takes amazing photos. Preston and I hated asking people to take our picture. Maybe one day when we are rich, we can pay for them to come along to document our vacations.

We spent the first evening exploring and enjoying the sights. This is the delicious clam chowder that we got on Fisherman's Warf for dinner.

The famous fisherman's warf sign.

This was the first view of the water off the pier. It was a gorgeous evening.

There are lots of actors on the street that perform impressions, and act like statues and robots. This guy was my favorite. You can see him behind the bush. He would scare people as they walked by. He scared a german shepherd that walked by, and the dog freaked out. It was pretty funny.

The famous Ghiradelli square. It was pretty, but I think that I had always imagined it being on a boardwalk with sand. We wanted to go there for ice cream, but it was always before dinner when we went. I am convinced that we should have had ice cream for dinner. The chocolate shop gave out delicious chocolate samples. They had chocolate with carmel inside that melted in your mouth, and this is coming from someone who does not like hard chocolate.