Thursday, May 20, 2010

San Francisco Day 4

Because we could not go to Golden Gate Park the day before, I was really hoping to go. However it decided to rain, which also made returning the rental bikes quite the nightmare. The place we originally rented the bikes from was closed, so we ended up spending all of Preston's lunch break riding around San Francisco in the rain trying to find the other location. After another afternoon of shopping, we walked over to the crookedest street. It just makes me smile. (sorry we are squinting in the picture, it was really bright)

This is a view from the bottom of Lombard "the crookedest street." I think it would be fun to have a house on Lombard, although it would be annoying to have people driving up and down all day.

Of course when we rented a car the next day, we had to drive down it as well :-) You can also see coit tower on the skyline.

This is a view of the cable car that runs from the crookedest street down to Ghiradelli Square. (and yes Preston took a picture of me taking a picture, but he claimed it was the view of the cable car that he was trying to capture.)
After taking pictures, we walked down to Ghiradelli square and got some more delicious chocolate samples, and then headed over to dinner at the most amazing Italian pizzaria called Tony's Napoletana.