Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

On October 13th we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. I can't believe how time flies! We celebrated by going up to the Foster cabin. This picture was taken at the Smith and Morehouse Reservoir. 

 Preston's cousin Jamon and his family came up for a few days. Preston and Jamon were trying to catch the horses, so that Lydia could pet one. However, it was super soggy and so Jamon is carrying Preston so that his shoes didn't get soaked. :-)

Jamon, Jen and Lydia

Our friends Russ and Elizabeth also came up with us. They are expecting a little girl on January 7th. 

Pres and me by the Weber River

I love the yellow Aspens surrounding the Foster cabin.

My parents are building a cabin just up the road from the Foster cabin. This is the clearing where their cabin will be.

My dad poking his head out of the tractor. They were able to dig out the driveway and clear the spot for the cabin, but unfortunately the foundation will have to wait until next year because of the winter weather.

My parents at the top of their driveway.

Our friends Mike and Madison were also able to come up for one of the days. 

My parents at Smith and Morehouse. 

The four of us at Smith and Morehouse.