Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby Bump and Shower

 Preston's work threw us our first baby shower. Our little guy got some great stuff!
 I wish I had taken more pictures, but here is one of some of the decorations.

 Finally some belly pictures. 31 weeks
 33 weeks
 My biggest pregnancy complaint is my feet swelling. I have one pair of shoes that fit, and they are getting tight. What am I going to do? Even flip flops don't fit. Any ideas??? This picture does not do justice. I don't even recognize my feet anymore.
My friend Vanessa and I showing off our bellies. We are due on the same day!


Eli and Ness said...

I love it!!!! Send me that pic if you would! My email is!

Nichole said...

You are so cute with a pregnant belly!! As for swelling feet...I followed all the rules in the book and NOTHING helped the swelling go down! My feet were swollen for a couple weeks AFTER I had the baby! It is so uncomfortable and I feel for you :(

Rachel said...

Love you girls! That is such a cute pic of you and Ness too!