Monday, April 21, 2008

Students, Golf Balls and Blonde Moments

So today my darling student Isabella brought me a balloon. Very sweet of her. Well she is six and prefers to go by princess Bella. When she said that she was going to go fly her kite with her boyfriend this weekend. I asked her if she was going with Grant. Well apparently she has three boyfriends. The girl is so cute! Then she leans in really close and stares at my face and says "you have a lot of freckles on your nose". Yes I do. :-( I hate freckles. You have to love kids. They are just perfectly blunt sometimes. Don't worry that yesterday we go to head to dinner and were planning on taking my car. Well I always hang up my keys and I walked out the door with out my keys. Preston looks at me to lock the top lock (the bottom was already locked.) Well my keys were still inside (so I thought). We had to go ask for an extra key from upstairs. Bless my heart when we couldn't find them inside, guess where they turned up? In my purse. Get this folks, today I was driving from school to go teach when something hit my car. It took me a good second to figure out what I could possibly have hit. Until it dawned on me, a golf ball had hit my car. Who puts a road through the middle of the golf course, and why is there a golf course on campus? Well now I have a lovely dent on the rear passenger door. What are the odds? Why do I even go to class?