Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wall Prices

So my pharmacy technician school is an old elementary school. Why is it that in the restrooms they don't build the walls of the stall very high so that you can see from about shoulder level up of the person in the next stall when they stand up. I mean are they saving money that way? Am I the only one that is weirded out by the weird bathroom scenerio? Are you supposed to make eye contact if you stand up at the same time, or exchange cordial greetings? If anyone knows, please enlighten me.


Steph said...

ha ha... that is funny miss. No, I would not chat with anyone. There are some weirdo's at schools like that (I know from experience!)

Nichole and Christian said...

Ugh...that is just weird! I would bend my knees the whole time I was in the stall!!

Cody said...

Pharmacy tech? I know I've been over 2,000 miles away and very out of the loop so I will need some clarification. When did you decide this? Is this part of the pharmacist rout? Which school are you going to? Maybe now that we are 1700 miles closer the family will update us on more of the news.