Thursday, May 29, 2008

Really Really Cool!!

I was thinking today that I sure wish I could do something really cool, then one of my friends at work shows me this... I am afraid that this can never be outdone. These guys are really cool.

This is a remarkable music video. I can just imagine these guys thinking to themselves, wouldn't it be cool if we made a sweet music video to an awesome song?
The best part about it is that they put it online for all of us to see! I think my favorite part is the stairs dance move, although the rope swing near the end was really cool. The brilliance of the voice sync is right on par, just the direction of the whole thing was brilliant, who would have thought a second dancer behind the vocalist would add such a dramatic effect! These guys are going to go far in the music video business. I do think there are going to be some critics out there saying that the backup dancer went just a little over the top, but I say that he really emphasized just how cool this song is.

I believe my review to be very fair. Let me know what you think.


Nicole Goeckeritz said...

Preston I totally agree with your point of view on this matter. How cool would it be if we could get together and try to outdo this little number. I don't know if we could pull it off, maybe no one will ever pull it off. Love it!

Stephanie and Levi (and Claire) said...

sweet vid...