Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunt

Finally now that the semester is over, I can post some blogs. The day after Thanksgiving we cut down our Christmas Tree. This has been a fun tradition in my family since I was little. We always go to Chicks for breakfast in Heber. It is delicious! My parents always get a twenty foot tree, so our poor little tree always looks dwarfed compared to theirs. This year the only dog that we could bring was Keisha, since Penny tore her ACL and walks on three legs :-(I love this family picture. Keisha is such a gorgeous dog!

My parents and their tree. (notice that you can't even see the whole thing in the picture) I still think they should have used this on their Christmas card.
We always go with my parent's friends the Bowlers. This is them posing with their tree.This picture just makes me laugh. We were pretending to do a cute kiss picture but instead notice the white powder on my jacket from the aspen trees (why we wear our old ski clothes) and that I am fogging up Preston's glasses. :-)