Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Horn Happy

So for many of you that don't know I have a minor case of road rage. It mostly involves me honking at drivers that make me angry. It bugs Preston because when he drives, because I will reach over to honk at someone making us angry. Needless to say, it is probably not the best habit to have. Well the other day on my way to work this truck pulled in front of me as I was getting into the left hand turning lane, and so of course I honked. Well as we started to turn left (we had a green arrow and a green light) this car in the lane to go straight tried to turn with me (even though there were not two turning lanes.) Keep in mind that it was some lady in a gold Camry. Well I honked and glared at her as well. The next thing I know, she flips her lights on. She was a cop! Great! I totally thought she was going to pull me over, but she ended up pulling over the original truck that I had honked at. I still can't believe I honked at a cop! Maybe I need to be more careful who I honk at... especially since my plates are expired (long story).


Kayla said...

Ha ha. I would have peed my pants. Good thing you didn't get pulled over! I have the worst road rage too.