Saturday, June 27, 2009

Student Recital

I have been meaning to post these cute pictures of my dear sweet students. These are just a few of my students at their recital. Aren't they just adorable?

They are such a joy to teach, and they say the funniest things. One of my students told me that my piano was old fashioned, and that hers was much cooler because it could play all these different sounds (she has an electronic keyboard). Also there was the day that I didn't flat iron my hair and I was convinced it was too poofy. Everyone that I asked assured me that it looked cute. Well I asked my cute student Bella at her lesson if she cut her hair, and she said that she did and that my hair looked different too... that it was frizzier. Finally honesty :-)
My cute student Avery. She played one of my favorite pieces that I played when I was little called Jungle River. My mom leaned over to me during her performance, and was like I remember when you played this. I like this one.
This is one of my newest students Sophia. She is from Canada and speaks French. She hadn't learned how to read notes on the staff yet, and so I taught her piece by rote. It was an experiment on my part, but she did awesome!
My cute student Bella. She always says the funniest things. Apparently she has three different boyfriends right now. When I was asking her if she was talking about Grant one day, she said no my other boyfriend.
Finally my cute student Addy. She is one of my smartest students. I have never had a student fly through the method books the way she does. She could almost teach herself.