Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lake Powell

Well I am finally taking a turn to blog. It's been awhile. This past Summer we finally got the chance to return to one of my favorite vacation spots. My family used to go every year when I was growing up, and It has been more than 13 years since I last went. Miss and I were looking forward to it all Summer.

We went with my family and the Smith family. We rented a boat and 2 wave runners. Instead of house-boating or camping we booked a few rooms in a hotel in Page. It was a new experience, but a lot of fun.
This is at a lookout point above Waweap just as we arrived from our drive

We only spent three days on the lake. Those three days really only felt like 1. While we all had to take turns on the boat we got to spend our time waiting on the beach goofing around. Here are a few photos of the fun we had on the beach.

We made a cool sand castle

I made some decorative sand art with just my big toe. Who knew I had such talent in my feet?

We even made a pyramid complete with a sphinx and a obelisk

We got to spend some quality time on the lake as well. We wake boarded, water skied and tubed. There was no end to the fun, well at least until I lost my glasses after getting thrown off of the wave runner. Next year I am buying a pair of chums. Well I guess on the bright side, one day in the future when people are digging for artifacts they will come across a nice pair of Ray Bans lying somewhere at the bottom of the lake.

Here we are posing in front of our rental boat. We definitely need to get one of these.

Every day I was really careful to put sunblock on every exposed part of my skin, but apparently sunblock does not stay on me. Every day I got more and more burned. I was constantly loading up on sunblock only to get more burned. Miss got burned as well. She didn't put sunblock on her legs the first day and got one bad sunburn that took weeks to go away.

Miss and Aimee suffered a similar fate. The sunburned swollen lips. That's got to hurt!

Here is the the family posing on one of the wave runners. We did have a beautiful spot.

The whole crew. A great bunch to spend time with.

No trip would be complete with out an adventure, and ours was in need of one. On the very last day as we were leaving the lake we got the chance to experience one of Mother Natures finest acts. A raging dust storm. Right as we were heading to the marina and boat ramp we saw a huge wall of dust heading our way. The wind was blowing and the waves were huge. I was driving one of the wave runners with Miss and Jake behind me. We fought the waves and the lack of visibility to get to some safety at the marina. As we got there we jumped off and ran for some cover. To make a long story short here are some of the highlights of the adventure in bullets

  • Miss, Jake and I tip over after swearing to ourselves that it would never happen again (we tipped over every day that we were there. We made for a bad combo on the wave runner)
  • Getting pelted with sand
  • Racing to go check on the wave runners that are now separated from the boat.
  • Helped Italian family off their boat
  • Watching one of the ladies on the boat getting the top part of finger chopped off, when trying to help
  • Jamon and Tessa (the medics of the family) helping her to safety
  • Securing the wave runners from further damage
I am glad everyone from our family was safe. it was a pretty crazy storm that lasted a couple of hours.

Here is a picture of the storm about to overtake us. It was an amazing sight.

Miss and I at the hotel. Sunburned and ready for a drive home.

Before I close out this post I want to mention one of the coolest parts of the whole trip. Miss has tried for years to get up on water skies or wake board and could never quite get up. A little every day Miss would get in the water and try and try to get up. I knew she was getting a little discouraged, but she was always just so close every time. Well I am proud to announce that on the last day on the last couple of tries Miss got up and stayed up for a couple of minutes. She probably could have stayed up longer if her arms weren't so sore from all of the tries. I wish I had a picture of her up. It was so awesome to see her hard work pay off. I am super proud of her. Next year it will be so easy for her. I cant wait.

Well this was a long post. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed being there. I cant wait to go again.
Good bye Lake Powell!


Kevin said...

Jealous...that's all I have to say.

Someday I'll have a houseboat and we'll go down like oldtimes! Watching the video up at the cabin last weekend made me so trunky fo that place!