Sunday, October 4, 2009


Miss was so excited about getting a home that as soon as our offer was accepted it was off to the animal shelter to get a dog. So.. we got a puppy. He is now about 7 months old and a lot of fun to have around the house. As for puppy things, he is actually really good. We have only had a couple of accidents, and his chewing spells are fairly brief. We sure love him. I now introduce you to Canyon!

He is definitely a puppy

He loves watching and listening to Miss practice.

He loves scoping out the kitchen for scraps too.

but he does have his moments when its time to leave or go to bed.

Oh the life of a dog!

This seemed like a good pic to end the post with.


Heather said...

He is seriously adorable! I can't wait to see him as he grows! Good luck with the puppy... he sounds like he is pretty well behaved!