Saturday, November 17, 2007

a morning at the temple

So this morning Steph and I went to the temple. Even though I got married in the Salt Lake temple, I have never been to a session there , we usually go to the Bountiful or Jordan River Temple. Well as usual I was late.. (sorry steph!) But instead of having sessions every half hour they are only on the hour. So we had a little under an hour before the eleven o clock session, so one of the workers recommended that we do initiatories. It was actually a neat experience. I would highly recommend doing them. It was so wonderful to remember the blessings that come with garments.


Nichole said...

Hey - this is one of Prestons mission companions wife (Christian Hind)...did that make sense?! I am glad that you have a blog so that Christian and I can see what you guys are up to these days!! I love all your stories from hair in the drain to hit and runs!! Cute blog!