Friday, November 2, 2007

New Doo... This could be fun

Well I feel like this could be a fun thing, almost like a journal. I started playing around on this today and its really fun. This weekend is shaping up to be an awesome weekend...OK maybe not. This weed is going to be full of thrilling and exciting...homework. I know, I know your jealous. I would be. Miss has a class that requires her to turn in homework on Sunday, I think its kind of weird but you have to do what you have to do. She also has to practice for her senior recital. I wish people knew how much work Miss has really put into it. She has been working toward it since I met her 2 years ago. Now she is in the final month I am so excited for her. She is super tough to finish this out!
Me on the other hand don't have quite the stress load of classes this semester and the classes are a little less exciting in fact none of them have anything to do with business. So this weekend I will be spending doing a fun extra credit assignment for anthropology because I didn't get the grade I wanted on my last test. Anthropology is definitely not my thing. I am glad this is my last semester of generals. Wahoo!! Also Saturday I am heading to the Deaf Center for a class assignment of meeting deaf people. For those of you that don't know I am taking ASL as my for foreign language part of my B.A. Fun stuff! Well that's it for my first post. Those that follow wont nearly be as long.


Lisa said...

I'm so glad there is another blogger in the family out there. Plus, since I NEVER see you, have only met your wife ONCE and for only about 10 minutes this is the perfect way to keep in touch! Good luck with your finals both of you!