Thursday, November 29, 2007


Well I am sure you have read Miss's post about her hit and run. I really start to wonder if cars are all they're cracked up to be, but I am happy to report we finally got rid of my Piece of crap Saturn. I had it for sale almost 6 months and had absolutely no bites. Why nobody wanted to buy my car is beyond me(Except it leaked, the windows didn't role down and it looked hideous). So we traded it in and we got the car I wanted.... A Subaru Legacy!! Awesome!! It's a 2006 and it is sweet I must say. We got a pretty good deal on it because it needed a few things cosmetically repaired on it. So for the past month I have been driving and waiting for the parts to come in. Well this past weekend the parts finally made it in, so I decided to take it in on Tuesday morning before work. I have to tell you that part of the deal we made with the dealership was that while the car was being repaired I would get a loner car to drive for the day. When I arrived at the dealership on Tuesday they acted like they had no idea what I was talking about, but they did offer me a ride to work(I was not happy). After waiting 20 minutes the HR director at work called me and asked where I was, turns out I was supposed to teach a money laundering class that morning at 8:30 oops!! Obviously I missed it. 8:30 roled around and I still didn't have a ride to work. After asking they told me that my original ten minute wait was now going to be almost an hour and a half. I was getting really upset, then some random lady that worked at the dealership offered to drive me to work. What a neat experience that was.... It was totally awkward driving with her all the way to Jordan Landing. Well to make a long random story short I got the car back and they made all the fixes. I sure love that car. So this brings me back to Miss's car. Now we have to deal with all the nasty car dealership stuff for her car. She still needs to take it in. So cars are awesome but sometimes I'm not sure they are worth all the trouble and hassle. Finals are coming up soon and i get a little break from school.


Lisa said...

Go Subaru's! They are great cars. Run forever. Ours has almost 200,000 miles and still going strong. Of course mine is 10 years older than yours, but hey, you do have 2 cars. We can't wait for Cody to graduate so that we can become a 2 car family! By the way, thanks to your links on the side, I found about 15 of my high school friends by blog stalking! I love it!

Nichole said...

Christian really likes Subaru's...we just bought new car too but we have yet to sell our old car and I'm beginning to think that it will take us 6 months too!! Congrats on the new car:)