Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Introducing Sunny Jo

So about a week ago I went into Petsmart expecting to only get Buddy some more food, and instead I decided that he needed a friend. However, I was wrong. Buddy does not like his new friend and would rather bite at him when I pet Sunny. What a jealous bird! We also had a little bit of a scare when Sunny's wings bled one night ( where they had clipped them) but he is doing great and is so playful! We hope that they will be friends soon, since they are now sitting next to each other on the perch. Buddy has also become more playful than usual. On Monday we went to Tanner Park with Jamon and Jen and our dogs. It was so much fun! Keisha actually jumped into the river and paddled across. The water was just perfect!


Nichole said...

I used to have a couple of parakeets and they are messy little things!! People don't realize how often you have to clean up after birds! Your dog is beautiful!!

Lisa said...

Wait. You have a dog? And birds? Where have I been? By the way, we are sorry we missed you on Sunday. I heard it was only by a few minutes. We'll see you in August!