Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stats and the whole crazy thing!

This has been one crazy summer. Actually I really feel that I haven't had much of one, and I probably wont have a normal summer for a couple of more years. I could be done with school winter of 09 but because of class scheduling it puts me back to fall of 2010 if I'm lucky. That seems so far away right now. I am really glad that I am learning all the stuff I am learning, but it does feel a little bit like paid torture.
I have a big Stats midterm tonight that has been stressing me out a bit this week. There is a lot of work to do in this class so I try to spend as much time as I can handle studying. This class does have a bonus the semester started 4 weeks ago and I am half way done with the course. There are only four more classes left. The problem is this.... During the summer semester you get one of two types of professor: the first one is the guy that didn't really want to teach the summer semester and he realizes that since you work full time you probably didn't want to take the class either. so he shortens and gives a good high level overview of the important stuff. The second guy is super stressed and cant believe that the university was willing to cram a whole semester into 10 weeks. He feels that there is no way to get through all the material, and even though you work full time he asks you to try to put in 12 hours of study outside of class each week. Lucky for me I have two teachers, OK 1 1/2 that are guy number two. Which is probably a good thing, it's just hard on my brain.
Anyway I hope all goes well tonight for tonight's exam. I am really trying to get an A or close to it.


Nichole said...

I can't wait for Christian to be done with school and it just can't come soon enough! Good luck!

Nicole Jones said...

I lucked out and usually got professor #1 for summer semesters. I took stats during summer 2005 and it SUCKED-not a fun class ever, but especially not over the summer! So how did your exam go? I hope you did well! I'm certain you did- you have always been one of those A+ students :)