Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's Day

Last Sunday was a busy but wonderful Father's Day. It is a very special day for us. It was two years ago the day before Father's day that we got engaged and it was on Father's day up at Rustler's that we made the announcement to Miss's extended family. I can't believe how time flies. This year as per tradition, we went up to Rustler's with Miss's family to celebrate with her dad and then had dinner and a BBQ later that night to celebrate fathers day with Pres's dad. We are very grateful for all the things our dads do for us.

Pres's Dad and us

This is us with Miss's dad. You can see that there is still so much snow on the slopes. I should have brought up my snowboard. It was such a beautiful day!

Greg Melissa's cousin graduated from Alta High School, and we are really happy for him. He was the sterling scholar of debate. What a smart kid! He is such a gentleman and we love him so much! He is headed to Westminster college in a couple months.

This is us with Greg at his graduation celebration party!