Saturday, August 9, 2008

The temple, a birthday and something to sit on

Last Friday April went through the temple in preparation for her temple marriage to Nate. It was a really good experience. It is cool to have the whole family now endowed in the temple. While we were in the temple we had a family hug, it was something my mom had wanted to to ever since April and I were young. What a cool feeling. Good job April getting to the temple.

The family outside of the Bountiful temple.

Wednesday was my mom's birthday. I think she thought that it would just get passed by because of the wedding. We celebrated by taking mom and dad out to dinner at Tres Hombres. April and Nate gave her a new casual top and Miss and I gave her a candle vase with rocks in the bottom. We had a great time. Just a couple of days until Auper's (Nickname for April) wedding.

Dinner at Tres Hombres

Mom posing with her gifts
Thursday we picked up our new couch. We were grateful to our friends for Bryce and Nicole for giving us their old couch while we saved for a new one and Mike and Madison for letting us borrow a couch cover. The new couch is awesome I am sitting on it right now as I type this watching the Olympics. The only down side to having a new couch is not being able to eat in front of the TV anymore. Lame! Well I guess that's it for an update right now. Stay tuned for pics and commentary of Auper's wedding.
The new couch, pretty comfy. I have already taken a nap on it... Its a keeper!


Nichole said...

I LOVE your couch!!! I want it!

Brian said...

Great Blog...LOL...but you should explain how April got her nickname...her cousin Aimee was only 2 or 3 and couldn't pronounce April, so she would call her Auper...of course I thought it was pretty funny, so I (Brian) started calling her that ever since....thus the nickname Auper was born!

Copinga's said...

So glad you found our blog!! Now we can keep in touch better!! I'm sure I'll see ya soon.

Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

love the couch! where did you get it? i feel so bad we couldn't make it the April's wedding. I hope it all went well