Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another weekly update.

One of these days Miss will have to contribute again to the blog, I'm sure most of you would rather read her writings than mine, anyway here is a week update for you.

Last weekend we hung out by ourselves. It was really fun, Friday we went to Pei Wei for dinner and then saw Iron Man. It was a pretty good show. I am always up for a good comic book movie. Saturday we went on a fun picnic to liberty park to eat with the ducks and geese and to skate around the park for a bit. one of these days we will have to ride the ferris wheel. After we wnet to see The Incredible Hulk. Two comic book movies in a row. I had to promise to watch a few chick flicks to make up for the two man movies. I think Miss liked both of them though.

Right by the pond at Liberty Park. Does anybody know if they still do the paddle boats there anymore?

All the birds decided to join us for dinner

My cousin Heather got married on Tuesday in the Bountiful temple. In true form we barely made it to the ceremony by the skin of our teeth. We are really happy for them. They make a great couple.

At the reception. It was a pretty yard they had it in.


Brian said...

I hear they had a great band at Heather's Wedding...LOL

Ken said...

I am not sure about the Bass Player.. but I heard that the pianist was awesome... :-)