Saturday, August 30, 2008

Park City

Last weekend we headed up to Park City to ride the Alpine slide which is something I have been wanting to do for like the last five years! The plan somehow seems to just get foiled each year! For example last year it started to pour! Since when does it rain in Utah?
Anyhow Steph and Preston and I headed up to the outlets for a little shopping (My new job requires me to wear skirts/dresses and so I was in much need of some new clothes) and then met up with Lindsey and James and April and Nate. We rode the Alpine Slide and the Alpine Coaster (which is soo fun!!)
This is Preston's attempt of an action shot on the Alpine Coaster!

Cute April and Nate back from their honeymoon!

Linds and me! I miss seeing her more often! We have the best times together!

Then we went to head down to dinner and unfortunately we should have made reservations at the Baja Cantina because it was a two hour wait! So after much debate we found ourselves at the Pie! It was super crowded when we got there, but eventually died down so that we could get all sit together! It was such a fun night!Me, Steph and her cute little girl Sophia! She is the cutest baby!
April attempting to show me how to take pictures of myself without cutting off my head. Obviously it didn't work :-)


Brian said...

you guys have the greatest adventures!

Steph said...

that was fun. Guess what? your birthday is coming up!