Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Tree Hunt

So.. a long family tradition in my family is to cut down our Christmas tree. After arguing with Preston and telling him that a "fake" or artificial Christmas tree as he liked to call it, just didn't fly with me, he finally agreed to go and cut down our Christmas tree with my family the day after Thanksgiving, although he told me that he would much rather sleep in. That morning it took a long time to finally get a start, which including heading back to our house to get my snow boots which I didn't end up needing, since there was absolutely NO snow. (Keep in mind there is usually a couple of feet) We ate breakfast at Chicks in Heber which was delicious and then headed up to cut down our tree. The place that we cut it down is by Millhollow for any of you that have ever been. After a hunt for a tree we finally found a perfect little tree, which was just perfect for our place. (My parents got their usual 20 ft tree.) I think that despite what Preston thought at first that he actually had fun!
The second picture is of us pretending to sled down the usual sledding hill!