Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bad Morning

Do you ever have those mornings where you think you must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed? (that I guess is already true since Preston stole my favorite side of the bed, which I am pretty sure is the only argument he has truly won in our marriage) Any how today was just one of those days. I woke up about a quarter to eight to get ready for work. I walked into our kitchen to open the blinds and see the snow damage that I would have to scrape off my car. Well I heard running water. (never a good sound lately) Our apartment was flooding again!! I called up stairs to let them know and of course they went to the main water breaker and turned it off which was a good thing but left me with no running water. I stared at my toothbrush and the shower helpless. Well deciding I could shower at work if I hurried I threw on my clothes and left. Deciding the snow wasn' t that bad I took the volvo. Bad choice. I got stuck! I had to open and we had early clients. I called my owner to let her know and after taking a different way I finally made it to work. However I wasn't early by this point. So I looked and smelled pretty cute today. Seriously what are the odds?


Steph said...

hey miss... I got the shelf from IKEA for $15.00. I think it is a pretty good deal. It didnt come with screws though :S