Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two Years

So I can't believe that on Sunday we celebrated two years! Technically it's not our anniversary, but it would be if we didn't get married (if that makes any sense.) Plus I believe that there can never be too many holidays in the year. Time flies. I was so blessed to have met Preston two years ago! He is so great and I love him sooo much! Plus it's his birthday today! He is 26! Happy Birthday! I love you hon!We had fun playing around with our new camera that we got for Christmas. I kinda like the black and white!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Preston! I hope you have a great day and do something fun! By the way, nice sweater in the pictures. I think Cody has one just like it! : )

Kevin said...

I think he stole that sweater from me! I know I have one just like it somewhere! Welcome to the Ye O'Fart club now Preston! Have fun this weekend.