Sunday, January 27, 2008

a couch, a game, and good friends

Had a pretty busy week considering it was shorter, but it really wasn't that interesting. I had some school and I worked, Melissa did more of the same except she got to go to lunch with one of her friends and caught up on life. They went to Go Sushi, I was pretty jealous.
Miss and Lara at Lunch

So this weekend we got a couch Nicole and Bryce donated to the foster family fund. That was sure nice of them. The donation went to a foster family in need. Thanks also should go to Mike and Madison for giving up their time and truck for the pickup.


Saturday I got my hair cut... That was neat. I also took care of some car stuff. I changed the oil and what not. We also had another game night. It was pretty fun only Missy is a poor sport if I win. I don't get it. We still had fun. I love Uno Attack it just brings a smile to my face when you see someone get hit with a face load of cards. Anyway that was a brief post for the weekend. Its late and I am working on a sweet playlist for my ipod. All 90's goodness. I can't wait to listen to it.


Steph said...

can we please have a game night this weekend too? It was so fun! The dice game AND Uno attack are my favorite. This time Joe wont be such a bum...seeing as he will not be working 10 hours any day this weekend! Let me know!