Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blog More!

I was looking through all the friends I have on Facebook and I thought to myself that I wish more of them would blog more or just blog at all. Its hard to keep tabs on everyone and what they are up to. In my opinion Facebook and definitely Myspace are overrated. No one ever really comments and talks to me... That could be post unto itself(maybe nobody likes me ;-). Plus I get these stupid spam messages all the time from girls that want me to go to their website and look at their "pictures"...no thanks. Myspace definitely has a small place in my heart because that's how I met my sweetheart, but now it just seems useless. Blogs are far superior and I am glad we started one. Its kind of like a journal of sorts. Anyway for all of our many readers if you don't have a blog GET ONE NOW!!


Nichole said...

I am definitely a huge fan of blogging!! Much better than Facebook and Myspace!! I have a friend that prints out all of her blog entries and has put them all together in a cute journal. I really should do that myself. But I agree with you...more people need to blog!!