Sunday, January 13, 2008

Great Weekend!

We had quite the exciting weekend. Look how beautiful the weather was! And not only were we able to hang out with six friends and their boyfriends/spouses, but I was finally able to mail off my Pharmacy application Friday afternoon. Go me!

On friday night, we met up with our friends Nicole and Bryce, and Em and Ryan for dinner at Red Lobster (which yes Cody is a chain and I had never been there until that night :-) I had popcorn shrimp (always a delightful choice), and Preston had the Ultimate Feast which included lobster and crab (my fave). Then we headed back to our place and met up with Steph and had a fun evening of games. I am getting better about not throwing tantrums when I lose. (A trait from my childhood that I never quite got over, and thus my parents stopped playing games with me) I didn't win the whole night, and I hardly got upset! Uno Attack is my personal favorite. We also played Battle of the Sexes which is the hardest game. I swear I didn't even know half of the questions that I was asking the boys. It was a great night though! And Nicole even showed me the best way to mix the butter and salt on popcorn (thank goodness for syran wrap)

On Saturday Preston and I went up the canyon to go snowboarding and try out our new snow attire. (Keep in mind the coat is his birthday present which isn't until Thursday but I let him wear it anyway.) We got up to Brighton and the parking lot was full and the last thing I wanted to do was hike up canyon. So we decided on Solitude. The original forecast was supposed to be cloudy, but it turned out to be a beautiful day and was gorgeous and sunny. Solitude has a system where you get a pass and put it in your pocket and a scanner scans it before you get on the lift, so no more stickers to put on your coat! Always a bonus because A. They never come off and B. It is nearly impossible to align the two ends. Solitude was great. It was fun to go on new runs.

This was our $24 lunch! (It's almost as bad as the price of food at disneyland!)The only downside of the day was all the flat places which are super lame on a snowboard since you are constantly taking your board on and off. Well the only other part that wasn't my favorite was when it started to get dark and we got to the top of a lift and we went down a hill that had moguls. (how on earth you do that on a snowboard is beyond me.) I think I snow plowed the whole way down. ( We are pretty sure it was a black diamond run) It was at that moment I wished I had my skiis. Skiing is like walking to me, but snowboarding is another story. I can get down the hill and carve, but I am not very confident. Pretty much I like to take it SLOW.

Then the fiascos of the day. The fact that we left the resort at 4:20 and got down at 5:50, which is why Preston is making this lovely face that gives him a double chin, and then on the way to the Jazz game I-80 was down to 1 lane. What a joke! Well we finally made it. And I felt awful because Marie and Kevin were already there and were waiting for us since we had their tickets. Madison and Mike made it about half time because poor Madison felt sick and they had to get off trax and walk from 4th south to the Energy Solutions Arena. (Doesn't it just roll off your tongue?) It ended up being an awesome game (except for the last two minutes where all they do is foul each other to buy more time... seriously ridiculous) At the game we ran into Lara and Ryan who have dated since Lara and I were juniors in high school. It was so great because all of us went to dinner and dessert after the game at PF Changs. I got my personal favorite (Lettuce Wraps and The Great Wall of Chocolate) What was hilarious though was that Mike and Madison decided to walk from the game over since their wasn't enough room in our car. And yet they got there before we even got out of the parking garage. We drove both Mike and Madison and Marie and Kevin to their cars and so they were crammed in our backseat. It felt like high school all over again. I am pretty sure you only see cop cars when you are breaking the law. But luckily, we didn't get pulled over. It was such a fun night. It was good to see Marie because she has been so sick lately being in the first trimester of her pregnancy, and I hadn't seen Lara since my recital. I love weekends!


Cody said...

It looks like it was nice blue bird day at Solitude. Don't worry about passing up on Brighton, Solitude is better anyway. They have better terrain and shorter lines. Not that Brighton is bad, I just think that Solitude gets overlooked way too often. But then again, that's the reason I like it, for its solitude!

Nichole said...

Yeah for snowboarding!! I can't believe that you guys went to a Jazz game and dinner after snowboarding for a day!! When I am done boarding I am pooped!