Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How to Ring in the New Year

New Year's appears like such a glamorous holiday with beautiful gowns, parties, and kissing prince charming at midnight. Yet every year it seems to be a let down. Some previous experiences include being stood up on New Year's, being the only grandchild at the extended family party (keep in mind I am the oldest), or having someone that I was dating leave at 11:30 just to name a few. Well this year was going to be great. I had a prince charming to kiss at midnight, and we made plans with our friends Em and Ryan. We were supposed to have it our place, but it has been a mess since the flood so we had it at Em's. We brought delicious cookies, chips and salsa, and we brought some raspberry sparkling cider imported from France. Em and Ryan had quite the delicious delights from her mom's bakery. (none of which I ended up eating) Well we started to play games, and I began to get a tummy ache. Well it got worse, until I finally ran to the bathroom, and not only had diarrhea, but also threw up (my personal favorite). Well after emerging feeling clammy and digusting, I found out I had rang in the New Year in the bathroom. Awesome! And to top it off I threw up on the side of the road that night, which I am sure other cars were thinking, "stupid drunk girl." Well I spent a great deal of the night in the bathroom, and with a fever. The next morning we had plans to go up to our friends cabin and go sledding. Well I still felt exhausted from being sick and my legs felt like jello; even walking into the next room felt like quite the feat ( I can't imagine being old.) So we had to cancel sledding, and I had to listen to my husband complain all day that I just had to get sick on his day off. (as if I planned it!) Well I am happy to report I am almost better, and we are going ice skating tonight. I didn't even have to look through the closet to find my ice skates they were already out! (remember that the apartment flooded) Oh and one last update from the flood. Our furnace stopped working too! But we got it fixed :-)


Kristy said...'ve had quite the holiday season! Yeah for blog stalking. Um...i have a semester left for my minor and then its off to the real world and time to find a job. I'm looking in and out of state. That's my plan for now!

Nichole said...

Well that stinks!! Maybe next year will be better huh?