Monday, December 31, 2007

When it rains it pours... or floods

It has been good to have Miss home on Sundays. No more piano for a few weeks at least. One of the great things about no piano and having and early church schedule are afternoon naps. We sure don't get many of those. Yesterday should have been super relaxing with a nice long nap... But sometimes good things don't last, and our nap sure didn't last. For Christmas we received a cool little mirror in a frame I put it up Saturday afternoon using these 3M wall stick pads. The box, by the way, said that each sticky pad could hold up to two pounds. So I put 16 on the back and hung it up. It looked pretty solid to me. While we were taking our nap I was rudely awakened by a big crash. I cringed and I did not want to see the damage. When I came into the room I realized that the mirror was okay. I looked around to survey any damage. It took out one of our willow tree figures

and a really nice venetian glass bowl from Italy that my aunt Linda had given us for our wedding.

Lame!! I am so ticked that those stick pads didn't work. The figure we can easily replace, but the bowl... I'll just take a quick trip to Europe to get that.
While in the process of cleaning up we discovered that our floor was soaking wet. We investigated and figured that it was not coming from our apartment. After a little drama (Which included running back to church and Miss taking a tumble for the team) we had to pull the carpet up and tear out the padding underneath. The water invaded our kitchen (washer and dryer area)

and one of our closets. It did more damage to the hall on the other side of the wall. Who knows when this little mess will be fixed. So temporarily we have stuff everywhere. Good news though, I found some stuff in the closet that I didn't know we owned. So that is neat. Well that is all for now.

P.S. I am never waking up and surprising Miss with breakfast again. Because all I got was "I wanted pancakes" and back to sleep again. Mind you this was at 10:40 a.m.


Lisa said...

That's too bad! Water problems are the worst! At least you're renting and you won't have to pay to fix it. I like the family photo in the next post. I haven't seen a picture of April's boyfriend yet, he looks like he fits in great with your family! Thanks again for taking us to the Jazz game. We had a great time hanging out with you guys!

Cody said...

Hey Preston, you can surprise me in bed with breakfast anytime.