Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I took my Anthropology final last night. It took me a grand 30 minutes to take the test and I was second to last to leave the room, i guess I'm the dumb one lol! I have always hated being the last to leave a test, weird I know, but this time it just made me mad. Let me explain, when my teacher passed out her test she ended up 8 tests short...Oops! She told us to pass them back in while she went to print more copies, but many of the students had already started and complained that they shouldn't have to pass them back in. She gave in and told us that we could not start writing our answers until she returned, but that we could talk amongst ourselves about the questions on our test. I thought that was kind of cheap because I had studied the material and was confident. I chatted a little with a couple of people but I didn't learn anything new. Here is where I was disappointed. as soon as she left many in my class started circling and writing down answers (something she told us not to do) and collaborating with each other. Most of the class was finished in less than 15 minutes. I guess the moral of the story is KNOW HOW MANY STUDENTS YOU HAVE!!! I mean she has been spending 3 hours a week with us for the past 3 months. I am proud to say that I chose not to cheat because I wanted the grade I studied for. Which could very well be a C but if that was what I deserved than that's great. I don't think I'll get a C I should get an A. :-) I'm just glad that class is over. It wasn't my favorite topic.... and cheating is stupid. I'm glad she wasn't grading on a curve.


Lisa said...

Kev and I were excited to see that you have a blog now. I hope that you do well on your test. It always pays to be honost!

Kevin said...

Your a smart man Preston. You'll be glad you "earned" your degree when that day comes around. Later man.