Sunday, December 23, 2007

Not a Trax Virgin Anymore

Well about a week ago I was chatting with Steph and I told her that I had never ridden trax before. Crazy huh? Well I am happy to say that I am not a trax virgin anymore. We parked at the stadium and then rode with my parents to the Nutcracker, but we had to take Trax back because I had work party. Hooray! We have a tradition in my family of going to the Nutracker and Benihana the Saturday before Christmas. It was a blast as usual. Except this year I actually like sushi and so my family got about ten rolls. So my cousin Em and I ended up dressing like twins. Red pea coats, black pants and black flats. That head in the background is my uncle Norman. Bless his heart! I don't know why Preston isn't smiling. This is us hungrily awaiting our sushi! Some of the girl cousins! Can you tell that Melanie works at a tanning salon?

So the highlight of the night, was my work party. By 11 there were only 6 people sober. My friend Heather and her boyfriend, Preston and I, and Amanda and Toni that were both pregnant. This video is of one of our hairstylists Sandee. I teach her daughter Cheyenne. She was probably my favorite drunk. She always wanted to arm wrestle or leg wrestle everyone that night. Well she talked Heather's boyfriend into arm wrestling her. And she won because she LICKED his hand. The look on Matt's face was priceless. This is a video of Sandee riverdancing after drinking Prairie Fire (tequila and Tabasco microwaved for seven seconds)


Steph & Joe said...

Yay!! You rode trax and didnt even tell me?!?! I guess I forgive you for riding without me :)