Thursday, December 20, 2007

Extreme Chocolate

Kira this one is for you! So tonight we went on our usual date night with Em and Ryan. We were craving Mexican so we went to Tres Hombres. I had my usual. Mini Chimichangas. Absolutely delicious. Well after we headed to the Holladay Center to see I Am Legend. It's our favorite theater because it is never crowded, plus the tickets are about a dollar cheaper a person; always a bonus for poor newly weds! Well waiting for the movie to start, I was craving some ice cream from the Dairy Queen next door. I have never had one of their acclaimed blizzards, so I thought that I would try one. There was one called extreme chocolate which my dear hubbie decided to share with me. Well the minor problem was that it not only had fudge swirls and brownies, but it also had chocolate chunks. Which if you know me I hate hard chocolate. We decided to get the lid for the blizzard since we would probably have to "sneak" it into the theater.

I had been using the lid as my "spit cup" aka where I would spit all my chocolate chunks. Kirsten knows that everytime I get a cookie dough shake from Sconecutter, I always spit out the chocolate chunks. Nothing new right? Engrossed in a story, I looked down and found my spit cup empty. What? Leaning over to Preston, I asked if he had eaten the chocolate chunks. Clueless as he was he indeed had. Priceless. He was so mad at me. ( I think he dry heaved a little) I can't believe he never knew I spit out chocolate chunks. Oh and by the way I Am Legend is the scariest movie. I was dying the whole time. I am probably going to have to carry a flashlight around at night.


Nichole said...

That is so funny!! How in the heck did he not know that you had spit those out??

todd said...

Pres, if you are that hardup for chocolate, I will buy you chocolate, that hasn't been.... Infact, I have about 300 bars left with Missy & Preston printed on them from the wedding. love you