Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Eve

So the Foster's always go to the Roof for Christmas Eve, and my family always has our traditional Swedish Christmas Eve. So this year my mom did our Swedish Christmas Eve on Sunday. We tried fresh cod this year instead of the frozen Lutefisk. It was quite delicious and was a lot better than the gelatinous Lutefisk. We also had an amazing bluberry jello, limpa bread, swedish meatballs (my favorite), herring (yuck!)and veggies. For dessert we always have snowballs. (vanilla ice cream rolled in coconut) I don't really care for vanilla ice cream much, so I usually spend most of the time lighting the coconut on fire with the candle.

This is where I found my kitty after dinner!

On Christmas Eve we went over to the Foster's for the usual Santa Breakfast. The boys spent most of the morning making a track outside to race remote control cars and snowmobiles. At the gift exchange his cousin Tessa gave us a gift certificate to Silver Fork Lodge (a lodge up Big Cottonwood Canyon). I am so excited to go and try their yummy brunch. Tessa was so thoughtful, since she knows I don't like chain restaurants :-)

This is us with Santa. When the grandkids were little they actually invited Santa to the breakfast, but now that they are older they figured this would do.

That night we went to the Roof and then looked at the lights in temple square. It was actually warm since it had snowed that day! After visiting our Foster grandparents we went to an organ recital; one of my favorite Christmas traditions. It is at my parents ward. All the lights in the chapel are off, except for the light on the organ. People come in their jammies all bundled up. At midnight the organist turns off the light on the organ, and people file out in the dark. People are always so quiet and only whipser. If only people were really that reverent in the chapel.

This is us at dinner!


Lisa said...

I like your family tradition of going to "the roof" on Christmas eve. The picture of everyone turned out really good. It was fun to see Aprils boyfriend. We have heard about him but have never met him. We missed seeing you guys on Christmas day.

Nichole said...

I really like your family traditions. The organ music sounds like a neat experience!!