Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday is a special day!

Today has been one lazy day for me...Awesome! I got to sleep in which was most needed because this past week has been stressful. Yeah I had finals too, and Miss will gladly tell me that my test were stupid compared to hers. What can I say they were relatively easy except my music theory final. I sure wish I would have paid more attention when I was younger to theory when my mom tried to teach me some. I guess I never thought it was that hard. Well I am sure glad I have Miss, she basically taught me this semester. The class material was complicated and really hard to understand. I took the test on Thursday and I am pretty sure It probably didn't go so well. I'm just glad it is over so I can focus on business classes like accounting and finance. So today I just took it easy.

I woke up showered and spent the morning watching crappy tv and playing Blitz football. Its an old game but I still have fun pulling out and playing it every once and awhile. It's relaxing. I think the things I love the most when trying to relax are Nintendo reading a good book and dorking around on itunes. If you know me very well you know I have a huge passion for music. which I'm glad Miss and I have similar tastes. I am proud to say that I have curbed my addiction to buying CDs. Before we were married I bought on average 3 or 4 cds a week. Pretty expensive habit for a couple of good songs on each cd. so now I spend only a couple of dollars every once and awhile on itunes.

What a dream i can purchase music when I am wearing pajamas. Anyway I washed my car only to drive it to my parents and get it dirty again. There is salt everywhere on the roads. I sure love our car. Miss is driving a sweet rental car (more on that in a later post)I drove it to work and school on Tuesday and I have to say that as much as I liked it I would much rather drive our Subaru. I also got to spend some time over at my parents house and chilled for awhile. Moral of the story today is that Saturdays are awesome when you don't have to work, but even better is when you and your spouse have the day off...not today. :(


Nichole said...

I love reading your blog so I can update Christian on his fav mission companion!! I wish he would read it himself but he is not into the blogging thing!!

You must have a crazy amount of CD's!! Thank goodness for iTunes. I got my husband a Zune for Christmas because he loves music too so I hope he likes it!!