Friday, December 21, 2007

Stockings and Chemo

So as many of you know my finger is infected with a virus that makes it split when I practice. The dermatologist claims it is a wart but for all you that have seen it, it sure doesn't look like it. However, when I went to the doctor yesterday he injected it with chemotherapy. My finger feels like it got slammed in the car door. In this picture although it isn't a very good picture, notice how my second finger is slightly white up to the first knuckle... (from all the chemo.) Yuck! and he made my finger bleed again. Awesome!

These stockings are the ones that we have at my work. Jamie made all of them! Crazy huh? She is so crafty. I think they are darling. We are doing secret santa. At least I didn't get the shaft this year. I have gotten hot chocolate with peppermint marshmellows, that yummy lippie from Bath and Body Works, and some lotion from Vicky's.

Sorry about the bad picture, but I was trying to avoid getting the clients butt. For my secret santa I got her body butter, heart chocolates from Cummings Chocolates and chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolated Factory. For the work party on Saturday I am getting her the Willow Tree Figure called Cherish (it is a mom that is pregnant and Amanda is due in April!

In this one you can see my cute stocking. It has jingle bells!