Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gingerbread Cookies

Today was a fairly busy but relaxing Sunday. No practicing or homework. Wahoo! At church we ran into one of my cute friends Tara that was in Acapella with me at the U, and then we took a nice LONG nap. It was well needed considering I worked 11 hours yesterday. After our nap we went to a progressive dinner for Preston's mom's side of the family. The first house was up in Kaysville and it was a pretty long drive, but it was fun. There was a kitty sitting on the hood of our car when we went to leave. How random is that? They always do talent performances each year. His family is very musically talented, and of course they me play some of my recital again. After the progressive dinner we headed up to my mom's to make some gingerbread cookies. We only got to take a picture of mine because Preston decided to eat his. What a butt!

My cute kitty loves frosting!

I think my nose looks huge in this pic!

Preston has this problem where he likes to eat MY cookies. And this would be another prime example. It all started when his mom bought us dinner and got us 2 cookies. One for each of us. Well Preston bless his heart ate mine too; which keep in mind already had a bite taken out of it. So... when I got my cookie bouquet for my recital I have rarely shared ( he has had a few bites :-)